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Actually, you are totally wrong. Defending Champs and your slotted at Get Away games. While he had great numbers, it was in 2/3 of a season and I have to believe those strikeouts fall off with general usage and fatigue, while also becoming more hittable as his velo drops and his breaking balls lose shape. He may spend the season in AAA trying to learn how to play defense. Youll find that its a similar sounding word to allude. Scherzer isnt aging crap but it was one bad Wild Card game plus losing that pivotal start vs. ATL (he gave up 6 HR in his final 2 starts (inc. WC game) when he gave up only 13 HR all reg season). Riley is a good deal. He already missed a month due to injury. On the one hand, while contracts like this Strider extension are cause to celebrate in the long-term, they do also create some shorter-term considerations. Very much doubt it. Sure, its risky, but theyve gotten some historic numbers in a rookie season already from Strider. Please logout and login again. If that happens, he will have 2 years and 3 days of service time. His decline in velocity at the end of his outing may just be a conditioning issue due to his inactivity. For 1st? Ask Trevor Rogers who faceplanted in 2022. Strikeouts have the highest correlation with statistical fall off. For a full look at the Braves' 2022 postseason schedule, click here. Google elude. Theyve been doing well to develop revenue streams and having them as serious generators by the time the current contract is up, and when a new one is signed, they should be up there in annual budgets (and profitability). Just saying. Because he is a likely ROY finalist, if the Braves manipulated his service time all of that would remain exactly the same. Its a league funded thing that every team will chip into $1.66 mil regardless. Roy would give him a full year of service time but he already has the full year of service time. Additionally. "My goal is always to outperform any expectations," Strider said. $16M (2026) ATLANTA -- Within a matter of minutes, the Spencer Strider narrative changed from: How effective might he be in the National League Division Series to how effective might he be through at least the 2028 season? Makes it more sustainable to retain this core group long term. The backend of this deal reminds me of Wil Myers, only in the sense that you have 3 years of $20M+ that start multiple years after the extension was reached. Strider will absolutely get a raise from his last arbitration year, so even a modest raise means the Braves save $20 ++ million in those two seasons alone. SARASOTAWhat's happening? Marlins will never have the fanbase to be elite. The dumb ones, like the Alderson-Eppler-Cohen Mets, traded 11 rWAR worth of MI for the privilege of giving Lindor $363m over 11 seasons because, as usual, they couldnt see what was right in front of them. The annoying part is we are charged a fee as part of our cable packages to get YES, but more games this year have been splintered off to Prime, Apple and Peacock. He was a big reason why the Braves had the fifth-best ERA in the league. If the right billionaire acquired them and they signed say Judge, Trea and Arenado, this would be one truly awesome team and their payroll would still be less than several other teams. Hopefully he also didnt mean Scherzer, one terrible wildcard game from an elite pitcher like him still doesnt make him crap. A bonus is a bonus. If you swap those times it would be a 1pm local start in LA, at least this way its a 4pm local start in ATL. Pitching may be the most volatile position of any sport. He actually has only three days in 2021, so hell be close to the bottom of his class. Because they didnt try to Kris Bryant him it has no bearing on his service time or his Super Two status. Can Story even play SS anymore? The nicest condos in New York with less than half that sq. Not coincidentally, DET will be picking high in the Draft (again). He definitely cant play 2B, and doubt hes any better at SS. Id hate to be him if he becomes human in Atlanta over the next 6 years. Rct and Cosmos2 are the two Met commenters on the site that most fit this description. Doubt the Sox are much happier w/Story, but Red Sox fans would know much more about that than I do. You didnt just say Strider was better then Degrom and Bauer. In any case, thats not one of the issues with this contract. @MJ Youve omitted a year of Sotos arbitration. I think they have the money. ~$15M (Arb2) The defending World Series champions will start the NLDS at Truist Park in Atlanta. Spencer Strider made last year. This deal will be the one people talk about for 10-20 years as the contract that forced bidding wars for starting pitchers. @ice. But theyre the ones winning Championships while Im sitting at home typing on my laptop, so my opinion doesnt mean much. The league never would agree to that. The estimates above are crazy. Hard throwing pitchers get seriously injured a lot. Albies was banged up this year but his $35M contract was earned in basically a year and a half. Luckily for . Love numbers, very structured, feel a level of entitlement with your degree, but your education built knowledge in a subsection of society that doesnt resonate with people outside your industry, so you come off like a pompous no-it-all, but really you have no true foundational advanced level education to help you structure arguments or support your statements! Isnt that the first requirement necessary to qualify for the extra service time youre referencing above? Jared Shuster, LHP 4. The league-average, for reference, is 29 percent. Time will tell whether Max Fried and Dansby Swanson also factor into the teams long-term plans. Strider will make $4 million by 2025, with $1 million going to each of the next two seasons. As a Yankee fan, Im much more resentful of the Yankees keeping their YES Network off of all of the streaming services except Direct TV. With the shift going away, how can anyone think Olsons production is going to go down is beyond me. Atlanta Braves pitcher Spencer Strider records a career-high in strikeouts. Even if he does remain this good in a best case scenario, he would only approach the amount hes being guaranteed over those 2 pre-arb years and 3 arb years, and the team should get a significant discount on those arb years in such an early career extension, anyway. No respect. Rich teams have figured this out. Dansby is gone. Love to see this for a team and their fan base, Win win for both sides. Core is in place for about as long as you want it to be. However, he already has slightly more than a full year of service time. Too much money for a mediocre pitcher with one good year. Two east coast teams in ATL/PHI with two west coast teams in LAD/SD pretty much guarantees youre going to go in this order. The average Plug and Play Tech Center hourly pay ranges from approximately $22 per hour for an Intern - Hourly to $69 per hour for a Partner Success Manager. Jurrjens was a Tiger in his rookie season and put up a 3.68 ERA while striking out just 6.6 per 9 in his first season with the Braves. I imagine that will be Soto and Boras target, yeah. Swanson is not as good as those guys. 11h. These guys are gamers. Use without license or authorization is expressly prohibited. My point was that Soto would be worth at best $140M in excess value, he tried justifying the $200M by saying it was the premium for trading for a star. I guess writers should just pick the Braves for ten years because they won a World Series with a 88 win season. Extra year for having a mustache. Annoying, but stuff happens.. Good job locking up one of the top young mustaches in the game. Similar thing happened last year when LAD needed to replace Corey Seagers offense by sliding Muncy over and signing Freeman at half the price. Now ya have your CF 1b 2b 3b rf and strider all signed to under market value contracts and still have money to sign swanson and dip into free agent pool. You see the pieces that are already in place. Players come and go and rosters turn over constantly. I agree on Riley, but Harris and Strider seemed to sign for cheap. Its called creative license. I mean, kudos to the Braves for being aggressive and theyre certainly taking on risk of injury / under-performance, but seems some of the extensions the players have signed seem light. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Spencer Strider: . On the other hand, thats a trivial concern when juxtaposed with the benefit of having so many high-end players signed for the next six-plus seasons. In 2023, Strider will earn a base salary of $1,000,000, while carrying a total salary of $1,000,000. Spencer Strider's salary is $710,000 per year, which includes a $0 signing bonus. It will probably cost them another 10 million a year to keep him now if Uncle Steve or the Dodgers dont jump into the bidding and steal him away from the NYY. He quickly established himself as one of the teams hardest fastball players. Spencer pitched as a long reliever and starter, was a three-time ACC Academic Honor Roll member, and appeared in 26 games with 10 starts, totaling 63.0 innings pitched. Cohen doesnt care. The only IF is whether hell stay healthy and productive enough to earn the money. They're projected to have a league-high $61.7 million in salary-cap space, . Vons king of the hill when it comes to Phils fans on here. He would have been Arb 1 eligible after 2024. I really hope Dansby is extended and I think he will (hes a local guy and by all accounts loves being a Brave). They overpaid him for his arbitration years by $12-15 million but saved like $36 million in those two free agent years. He will finish the year with exactly ONE FULL YEAR OF SERVICE!! ". Thats not how you run a billion dollar company, its just not and thats exactly what they did. eligible. Braves have got it going on. Same. Yum, yum, peach juice flowing, baby. Click For Complete Top Prospect List for 2023 1. No one here, or elsewhere, has any idea how that process is currently going w/Swanson. Then add in the two FA years the Braves control at $22 million each, and this deal is great for the Braves. Sure, lofty but possible. While I think the Strider extension is a good gamble on an excellent young arm, youre right that any pitcher can turn into a pumpkin due to poor health or performance. Spencer Strider's net worth $1 million. His salary will jump to $20 million in '26 and then rise to $22 million for both of the next two seasons. Before his MLB career, he was a member of the Augusta GreenJackets, Rome Braves, Mississippi Braves, and Gwinnett Stripers. Player page for Spencer Strider of the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies are a bunch of try-hards. His service time was at 2 years and 148 days when he qualified for a difference of 145 days of service when a full season is 172 days. Win win for both sides. In Braves speak, that means hes hitting FA. They played their home games at Truist Park (Park Factors: 114/116) where 3,129,931 fans witnessed their 2022 Braves finish the season with a .623 winning percentage. Then again, I also had concerns with Baez, who has a higher degree of volatility due to his approach. He only hit the first two weeks he was up. He made his MLB debut in 2021 and now plays for the Mississippi Braves, Gwinnett Stripers, Augusta GreenJackets, and Rome Braves. Inigo Montoya: You keep using that term, Super Two. It doesnt mean what you think it means. $140 per post at $7/CPM. Say it once, see it 4-5 times. If thats true, the Braves would essentially be punting their $20M financial gain on his first FA year and option year. Baezs peak, two 6 rWAR seasons in 2018-19, are something Swanson only came close to in 2022 (though, pro rated, his 2020 would have gotten close). We present them here for purely educational purposes. $1M (2024) Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Hell instead now carry a sizable $12.5MM luxury hit the average annual value of his new contract. Now you all getting upset because Harvey was better then Strider at his stage of his career. You also dont know whether he took the extension in order to lock up significant money, as a hedge against injury, or because he and his agent wanted to advance pitcher salaries for others. If Strider had 1.169 time on the MLB roster, then hed be a candidate for Super-Two next year, but hes got 1.003, so he wouldnt ever be classified Super-Two unless they send him down. The 2029 club option gives the Braves control over what wouldve been Striders second free-agent campaign. If you look at the Braves team what they have done extremely well is develop players. 2023 Pre Arb year $1 million (yes, MLB minimum is $700k) Olson was FMV. Extra year for Roy. Strider, 24 later this month, will earn $1MM both in 2023 and 2024. If he got close to sniffing free agency, he would have demanded two or three times what we are going to be paying him. He made $8 mil last year and $17 mil this year. PLAYER. He started 20 times and finished three . But I wonder if a team can reach a point that they have too many of these deals and can could reduce their roster flexibility down the road. The risks are present, but the reward is fantastic, not to mention that it gives you the inside track in a few years to talk a further extension. Contracts are not based on the back end, they area based on value as a whole. If you add those up, you get $77M. Hes a rookie. The Atlanta Braves have placed right-hander Spencer Strider on the 15-day injured list with a strained left oblique muscle. They signed scherzer only to make a run this and set an example for winning and pitching which he did. Rather pay him instead of 330 or whatever to Cole. Fried is also entering his 5th full season but his 3rd arb year and hes set to make $12.2M for an All-Star appearance, 2 GG, 1 SS, and a career FIP of 3.30. Love to see it for the player, team and the fan base. Spencer Strider Rumors & News Bats: R Throws: R Height: 72 Weight: 195 Age 23 Seasons: 1 Salary: 570,500 Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio College: Clemson Rumors & News Videos Photos TalkingChop Feb 8, 2023 Daily Hammer Podcast: The Braves Could Feature Some of the Best Brands in Baseball Thats conjecture, you stating what his arb years would or wouldnt be considering the volatility of pitchers, players with less than two years of major league experience, players with less than 150 major league innings, and who have barely seen each team once, when pitching has the advantage over hitting when neither has faced each other. For those that missed it, Strider will be Super Two BECAUSE he will be top 2 in ROY and that means he gets an extra year of service time in the new CBA. I will let you do the math. The Mets performance was more surprising than the Braves. @Run. Spencer Strider is on Instagram at spencerstrider. I wouldnt just throw around $140M in proven assets for $140M in prospects. Confirmation bias confirms nothing but poor process. Well strider pitched last year too. From the official MLB site: To qualify for the Super Two designation, players must rank in the top 22 percent, in terms of service time, among those who have amassed between two and three years in the Majors. ET, many of these same folks were discussing an extension that could keep the rookie sensation in Atlanta until at least the 2028 season. Saying the Braves arent respected is to play the victim for victims sake. And Fried is the one you need to worry about locking up. Put those around 4m for a typical, good player, making it.$69m for Striders first 6 seasons. They were wrong, clearly. LOL best rookie season ever. Its a win-win. Strider was added to the Atlanta active roster on October 1, 2021, and made his main league debut with one inning of relief against the New York Mets. Its possible but I wouldnt go as far as to say its likely. This was a pretty high gamble on the risk/reward scale. It made them woke enough to move the all star game, but now they are ok? All I see is people talking about record setting arb numbers without providing examples with any math. There is a reason pitchers are not given long term deals because it is more risky than giving those deals to hitters because of injury and even then, the hitters rarely justify the extensions. Ya this was a massive overpay for his final 2 arb years even if they get 2028 and an option for 29. In a general sense, the Harris deal is a great one, and Riley. Conversely, How about them Mets? Look at the alternative, pay for TOR stuff like DET did in the offseason with Rodriguez (5 years/77M) and he was AWOL for much of the season in the 1st year of his deal. So Ill do another one for you since you didnt like my Fried example. If Striders arb awards are similar, the Braves are then getting his 2 FA years for 26m, total, without having to buy a long deal including Striders decline. Read the article, be not thought of as a moron or an imbecile who is led by his ignorance and unwillingness to gain knowledge, which should be pursued despite the clear lack of capacity for you to store in in your brain! Who doesnt believe that the Tigers have serious buyers remorse on Baez? Albies was cheap and smart. Yes a 2.67 ERA is better then a 2.27 ERA. Now sign 7! Getting to 94 is almost 7 mph slower than his typical top fastball. Was hoping this thread would continue without trolls insulting one another instead of adding actual substance to their argument. Not to mention at that point, many of the players might even decide to wait out until free agency and refuse any potentially team friendly deals. It doesnt pertain to him except for bonus money. Winning always helps too. There is nothing historically to say that even if they were absurdly expensive compared to other pitchers that it would even match what he was promised. @RunDMC Bingo. To an SP, well, it seems awfully risky. But those decisions and everything will be up to the team, of course, and how we want to plan for the series and stuff. Its not playing victim. Not a super bargain like Albies Acuna but its fine. (Machado can opt out of his deal with the Friars after next year, so the Padres 2028 commitments may not end up being quite so large.) It would definitely be an anomaly if the Braves hit on all this extensions. The 2029 option comes with a $5MM buyout, which is factored into the guaranteed portion of the contract. Good luck finding someone who doesnt think hell get back to those heights at 25 years old. If they dont re-sign Swanson, theyre making a serious mistake. The Red Sox had the opportunity to do so with Betts, Bogaerts, and Devers a few years ago and blew the opportunity. Amateur career [ edit] Now lets say you call Ticketmaster and they tell you that you will get one of the four tickets, but you dont know which one until you get to the ball game. Jean Segura, MIA. The information does not usually directly identify you, but it can give you a more personalised web experience. Data Provided By With pitchers, it seems every one goes down with season ending shoulder, elbow and back injuries. The point of early extensions is to create financial flexibility, not to lock yourself into just a few core players. He could easily see $17m, 2om after this down year, then 28m. This new contract not only finally topples that dated mark (in decisive fashion), it also surpasses the established extension records for pitchers with two to three years of service time (Blake Snells five-year, $50MM deal) and even with three to four years of service (Sandy Alcantaras five-year, $56MM deal). Strider will be a Super Two and have 4 arbitration years. Drafting and developing pitchers is a crap shoot no doubt and Atlanta has had their failures along the way. For everyone that doesnt get why this contract is bad. Also Read, Tom Stenberg, Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, and Morgane Stapleton. League figured him out quickly. Hes definitely Super Two. Would an arbitrator just look at a base salary as the springboard for a raise, or would they consider the bonuses as part of the salary when making those decisions? in Columbus, OH People dont seem to understand just how good Striders peripherals are. I sure would like to have more of a track record than a single season. Sign Grissom to an extension? Furthermore, Strider struck out 202 opposing batters in 131.2 innings pitched. To say theres no way they avoid the luxury tax is ridiculous. the Mets won the same number of games the Braves did1and Strider got lit up in the only big game he ever pitched inDid he have a good season, yes. Talk about betting on your good judgment! There is no amount of rationalizing that can excuse that. He was drafted in the 35th round of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Cleveland Indians, however, he did not sign a contract with them. So the only time he could qualify for Super 2 status is after 2023. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/11/super-two-status-set-at-2-116-years-of-service.html. And 2.003 years is nowhere near enough to qualify as a Super Two. Baez has been one of three most over rated players. He played college baseball for the Clemson Tigers, and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the fourth round of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft. No, hes *NOT* a Super Two candidate. What it means is you get credited with a full year regardless of the actual number of days you spent on the roster and are affirmatively NOT a Super Two because you were given a full year of service time. Have to disagree that Baez and Story have more upside than Swanson at this point in their careers. Dynasty. Only long term deal we signed was lindor who is young in his prime. He wasnt before 2020. No, theyd be paying him much less than $40M over his arbitration years if he devolves into a 4.00 ERA pitcher., which is far from the worst case scenario for a pitcher who has only a dominant rookie year to date. He will finish next year with exactly TWO FULL YEARS OF SERVICE!! So $74.75 million for the pre-arb and 4 arb years + $72 million for the FA years = $146.75 million. There are so many reasons this could go bad and we arent even talking about the new pitch clock, the pickoff throw rules, and other changes to the game itself. Now that theyre going against the Yankees, Cleveland has prime time. If he continues to dominate, his arm years wouldve skyrocketed. Later in the season, he missed the season due to a torn UCL, which necessitated Tommy John surgery. Yes, the poor ownership of the past is directly related to the problem but that teams problem going forward will always been the fan support. Spencer Strider has a net worth of $1,167,934. The contract will cost him $92 million if he exercises his option for seven years. The team has 15 players, none of which are Swanson, taking up $180M of their payroll in 2023. Theyre a tight group and theyre great young men, Snitker said. Spencer Strider currently plays position Starting Pitcher for Atlanta Braves in Major League Baseball, the senior baseball league in the United States. Hes allergic to walks. $35M (2028 FA year). Revenue in baseball is going up and salaries will also. Though for the sake of my Mets, I hope they penny pinch and let him walk, haha. In terms of his personal life, he is in a relationship with Maggie, a young and lovely girl. Just like it wont be a collapse when the Braves get smoked in the playoffs. Corbin Burnes going into year 5, second arb season (1 year of control after 2023) is due to make $11.3M in his second to last trip through arbitration. I rather prefer people dont respect the Braves. These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. Strider finished with a 11-5 record, 2.62 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP through 31 games. If they are playing in New York, they ask the team to pay their apartment rent or to finance the home they live in, they get extra money to offset the taxes. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Players dont sign team friendly contacts because they are happy where they are(Jose Ramirez disagreeS. Some high school data is courtesy David McWater. Kind of like the super 2 guys getting that fourth arb year. Lets say you are going to a MLB game at your local stadium and for-the-sake-of-argument lets say there are only 4 seat choices: bleachers $15, nose-bleeds (2nd & 3rd deck) $40, between 1st and 3rd base behind the dugouts for $100, and a seat in a suite for $150. Look on baseballtradevalues.com, read their article on justifying Sotos value and how I criticized it before he was traded to the Padres and my calculations were almost dead on value. Id assume the player has a good argument for the latter. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet. Strider is going to bonuses left and right which wouldve added to his arb numbers if he went that route. I know its a business, but much like the Cardinals, the Braves seem to focus more than other clubs on the relational side with their players, thereby giving the Braves an edge over other teams during the respective players FA, if the Braves should choose to being said player back. Genuinely curious. To think 6 years ago Braves fans on here were defending their FO not trading Jim Johnson at the trade deadline and acting like finishing with a better record than the Phillies and Reds that year was going to lead to a giant step forward. Reward thing. To quote Barney from the Simpsons, Not again!. Its not their young pitching, its pitching in general. So as to illustrate this, Jacob DeGroms arb years: $4M (2017), $7.5M (2018), $17M (2019) His current contract terms are 6 yrs/$75M (23-28) & 29 team option. Bogaerts took an immensely friendly deal.. Even if you think Strider will break arb records annually, they wouldnt have been absurdly expensive. Strider and Braves teammate Michael Harris II are very likely to finish first and second in the NL Rookie of the Year voting in either. Browse our online application for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, EPL, or MLS player contracts, salaries, transactions, and more. Again, he IS a Super Two. If you think he deserves his contract, you are as tone-def as you are capable of catching a pun! Legendary strawmans a better name for you. Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos.net. This is their first long-term contract extension with a young pitcher. Im curious how the bonuses would impact arbitration. The extension does not to my knowledge have any bearing on the Braves getting a draft pick. Ambioris Tavarez, SS 11. Right?? But most importantly it sets bad precedent for the rest of the league for one team to save a few million dollars. Its not close. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. Not great to sign long term deals to declining players. It does not credit a player with two years of service time if they start the season on the ML roster AND place top 2 in the ROY balloting. All of this doesnt even take into consideration if hes not an inner-circle HOF pitcher and has a fall off like Trevor Rogers. Or write about sports? I mean this in total sincerity, if you love this deal, you should never manage a real team, let alone budget your own finances personally. Gotta love it. Props to the AA coaching staff. I am a Yankees fan and they could learn a thing or two from Its one thing to find a new way to add money for the young guys, its another to say Julio Rodriguez should get a bigger 1st arb year because he was better two years ago. Imo, hes got the Braves over a barrel because they have absolutely no in house alternatives to replace him. If Swanson signs a $110-115MM extension, hes probably leaving at least $40MM on the table. As usual, i was right. If thats the case, how do you justify to Max Fried that hes only making $22.5M through his first 5 years in the league? A fourth-round gem in the extremely truncated 2020 draft (five rounds), Strider skyrocketed through the Braves system despite a lack of minor league games in 2020, ultimately making his Major League debut late in the 2021 season. Most annoying 3-2 hitter Ive watched all season. Meanwhile the Mets toss money at aging crap. Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of InsideTheBook.com, and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball. One thing is certain: he divides his time between the four MLB teams Spencer Strider- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education If the Braves can reposition themselves as Americas Team once again, all that peach juice will come flowing back. Spencer Strider has been a revelation for the Atlanta Braves in 2022 and they rewarded his incredible performance with a six-year $75 million contract. Anyone who signs Judge will definitely regret that deal in a couple years!

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